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written by: Kelly Weidner
When we were first contacted last week to see if we had any families open to adopting a two week old baby boy with Down’s Syndrome and in methadone withdrawal, our answer was “No, we don’t.  But we will find one.”

After two days of turning up empty handed in finding a home for baby Chase, we decided to hit social media.  With the help of friends on Facebook, Esther and Ray and their adoption blog, Terry at Baby Butterflys, and Stephanie at The National Down Syndrome Adoption Association, we were able to bring together 8 families in less then one day to present to the biological mother to choose from.

She chose to speak with two families and felt the right connection with one, Sara and Scott.  They instantly hit it off when they met on Wednesday at the hospital, spent the last two days together with baby Chase and he is now being discharged today to head home!  The adoptive mom was glowing with happiness when she headed out of the hospital, and the biological mom reported a feeling of peace and comfort in finding the perfect home for Chase.  Sara and D plan on keeping in touch in a fully open adoption with pictures, letters and visits.  If a picture says a thousand words, we believe this one is no exception.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this adoption possible!