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“Haven Adoptions, Inc was founded to create a new standard in the field of adoption & foster care. As a fully licensed Pennsylvania agency, Haven Adoptions works in all areas of adoption and foster care. Our goal is to provide hope, support and a new start through support, truth, advocacy and options.”


Choosing Adoption for your unborn child does not mean you are “giving up”. It means you are choosing a plan, you are choosing a future.

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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~Maria Robinson

Haven Foster Care

Be a hero in a child’s life. Become a foster parent today!

Changing The Standard In The Field Of Adoption And Foster Care

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Pregnant And Considering Adoption?

The service and attention you will receive does not get better than what is offered by our staff at Haven Adoptions. Your advocate will be your friend, your confidant, your support. Our staff has years of experience and will provide you with immediate help to decide if adoption is right for you.

Looking To Adopt?

With experienced staff, Haven Adoptions guides you through the adoption process to build your family. We understand the needs of adoptive parents, biological parents and children. We work together to give you the best adoption experience possible.

Haven Foster Care

When reunification is not possible, children in foster care are in need of a loving, permanent home. Our goal at Haven Adoptions is to help children find permanency in their lives, one child at a time.

Our Story

Haven Adoptions has a passion for adoption and a solid reputation in the adoption field. We are known for the highest level of personal service, support for clients, kindness and compassion for all those going through the process of adoption.


Dive into stories from birthmothers, adoptive parents and foster parents in their experiences of adoption and foster care. Also, learn from Haven’s staff about what happens behind the scenes.

Home Studies

Haven Adoptions completes adoption and foster care home studies for families within our program and from other agencies. Haven Adoptions has become the #1 choice for many larger, national agencies in completing home studies for their families.