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Greg & Cheryl

Hi! We are Greg and Cheryl (and Chris)!

We are super excited to start the adoption journey a second time. After reading about us, we hope you will be able to form an idea in your mind of what it would be like for your baby to be a part of our big, loving family. We also hope that you find peace and comfort in your heart as you choose what is best for you and your baby.

We have been happily married for nine years. Shortly after we were married, we learned that we could not have children of our own. We eagerly embraced adoption and we welcomed our son, Chris, into our family shortly after he was born on Christmas Eve in 2016.  We always wanted to have at least two children and we feel strongly that having a sibling for Chris is important. Our hearts and our home are more than ready to welcome another baby.  Since Chris is young, they will be close enough in age to really form a close, lifelong bond.

Our entire extended family is bubbling over with excitement over the idea of adding to our family a second time through the blessing of adoption. They will be wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They can’t wait to shower your child with love and affection! In addition to Chris, one of our nieces and one of our nephews are also adopted. Adoption is celebrated and embraced in our family!

Getting To Know Us

Family: Both of our extended families live nearby. Greg is one of five siblings, and Cheryl is one of three, so a large number of aunts, uncles, and cousins are never far away, and we get together often.  We make a really big deal out of birthday celebrations (heck, we even celebrate half birthdays!) and holidays. All family is really important to us, and so every few years we get together with our extended family (second cousins, etc.) for a big family reunion.

Careers: Greg owns a successful software company that develops web and mobile apps. His office is less than two miles from home and he has the flexibility of working from home. Cheryl is a part-time freelance court reporter and currently works one day per week. Our plan is for Cheryl to stay at home full-time once we bring a second child into our lives.

Travel: Disney World has been our favorite vacation destination even before we were married. Since we adopted our son, our Disney vacations are even more fun and we can’t wait to add another child to our family so that they can experience Disney together with a big brother! We also like to vacation in more relaxing destinations like the Smokey Mountains and Hilton Head Beach. Since our two dogs are part of our family, we always take them with us wherever we go.

Favorites: Our favorite things revolve around family. We love visiting family and friends and hosting family gatherings. We love to play outside, enjoy taking day trips and attending local festivals and parks. We love Disney vacations, trips to the beach and picnics.

Our Family

As a family, these are the values that guide us: Love God, love people, use our gifts to help others, pursue our passions, celebrate life and always remain faithful to our family and friends.

Our friends and family describe us as a fun, laid-back and easy-going couple. We love the simple things in life that create memories and bring us together as a family.  When the weather is nice, we play in the yard after dinner or take a walk in the neighborhood and interact with our neighbors and their kids. We love to go swimming or visit the local ice cream shop on warm summer days. On weekends, we take day trips to a park, the playground or the lake. We also love to go to community festivals and fairs.

Our son is happiest when he is playing and interacting with his cousins and the neighborhood kids. He has made it very clear that he is more than ready to be a big brother!

Home & Community

Our house was designed for family time! We have four bedrooms, a large playroom on our second floor and a finished basement that includes a game room/kids craft room/arcade room. Our large family room opens to our kitchen where we always enjoy a home cooked dinner during the week and a big breakfast on weekends.

Outside, we have a big yard and live in a safe, new neighborhood with a lot of young families with many kids under the age of three. The families in our neighborhood get together often for fun events like cookouts in the summer, an Easter egg hunt in the springtime and a hayride during Halloween. In addition to having a brother, your child will have a large group of neighborhood friends to play with, grow up with and to form lasting friendships with. Our home and neighborhood are extremely kid friendly!

Thank you!

We hope that this glimpse into our lives has allowed you to know us better and hopefully feel comfortable enough to entrust us with the care and upbringing of your child. The truth is, we are simple, laid back, down-to-earth people who are eager to give a child a loving home, a loving sibling, and a loving family. We’d love the opportunity to talk or meet with you so we can learn more about each other.