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Kristy & Matt

Kristy & Matt

We are Kristy and Matt, and we have infinite gratitude for you and your selflessness. We recognize the extreme sacrifice that making an adoption plan would entail, and thank you for your courage as difficult decisions await.

We met in college and started dating shortly before graduation. We married on a beautiful day in the summer of 2009. We lead a simple life together as husband/wife and as parents. We enjoy dinner together nightly followed by a TV show. We have a date night at least once a month. We appreciate each other and show that appreciation regularly. We support each other’s passions and sacrifice for each other’s happiness.

After getting married, we discovered that we are unable to conceive a child naturally. We underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) which resulted in a successful pregnancy and ultimately in our daughter’s birth. Adoption feels like the right path for us to grow and complete our family.

We are immensely inspired by Matt’s sister, Laura, and our brother-in-law, Mike, who adopted our nephew from Ethiopia in 2005. We are equally inspired by Matt’s sister, Maria, and our brother-in-law, Kevin, who adopted our niece from Ethiopia in 2011. Both families enthusiastically welcomed an adopted child into an existing family with biological children. Both adopted children are thriving under unwavering love and support from their parents and siblings.

We hope that this profile gives you a peek into who we are and what we are about. Thank you for considering us.

Meeting You

FAMILY:  Matt has 7 older brothers and sisters, and Kristy has 2. Each sibling helped shape us into the people we are today. We currently have 7 siblings-in-law and 17 nieces and nephews. We love our families and remain incredibly close with them, and all members live nearby.

CAREER: Kristy left a full-time job with a large pharmaceutical company to better strike a balance between work, parenthood, and play.  She owns a part-time business coaching distance runners. Career-wise, it was the best decision she ever made because it allows her to pursue her passions for coaching and running. In addition, she manages her own calendar in a way that best suits our family. Matt is a regulatory compliance officer in a job that satisfies his passions for educating and guiding others. His career serves our family by offering extensive flexibility in scheduling and teleworking. Matt is also an adjunct professor at a local university.

TRAVEL: We caught the travel bug soon after getting married. We strive to explore as much of the world as we can. Our travels have taken us all over Europe and Australia. But our favorite trips are to the Jersey Shore and New Hampshire lakes because we get to spend time with family.

FAVORITES: Kristy is always training for a race and trying to improve as a runner.  She also looks forward to get-togethers with her girlfriends from college.  Matt is an amateur woodworker in his “shop” (aka the backyard).

Our Family

Fiona brings joy and laughter into our lives. She entertains us with her constant activity and concentration. Fiona likes playtime, walks, singing, truck and trains, Paw Patrol, real maple syrup, and cupcakes (who doesn’t?). She especially enjoys playing with her neighbors, classmates, and cousins.  Fiona is happiest when she spends time with other children. Fiona is caring and attentive and is a great listener – qualities we believe would make her an amazing older sister.

Hawk is our lovable Miniature Schnauzer. He seems more popular with our family and friends than we are. He is a great guard dog, walking companion, and snuggle buddy. He is completely gentle and docile with children, as Fiona can attest!

Home and Community

We live in a twin home in a borough just outside Philadelphia. We are not the “subdivision type”. We love being able to walk to parks, schools, and shops. The main drag is four blocks away, so of course, the staff at the local restaurants know us well. We enjoy walking around the borough with Fiona and Hawk and stopping to chat with our neighbors. We are especially close with the neighbors on our street, which is full of young families. Our borough is comprised of people with different backgrounds and perspectives.

We also enjoy walking and running along the river trail nearby.  Kristy is the coach of the borough’s run club, and everywhere we go we hear “Coach Kristy!” from all directions.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us and our potential compatibility. We would love the chance to meet in person and learn about you.

We feel that our heart, home, and family have room for another child. You are in our thoughts regardless of the road we all take.

Kristy & Matt